Welcome to my website on Mauritian philately - stamps, covers, postcards and other material I have collected over the years and would like to share with you.

The News section contains any update on the website and information gleaned from the publications of the Mauritius Philatelic Society.

The Postal History section covers various aspects of my general interests.

The Miscellaneous section is a list of general data and useful information such as List of Post Offices including photos, Commercial Meter Marks, Railway Network Details, Old Postcards and Postal Rates. The Shoe Box section is about odds and ends, anything unsual, anything interesting.

The site will be updated from time to time as I get new material and information. If you have any query or comment, please send an email to

For more information on Mauritian philately, visit the website of the Mauritius Philatelic Society. See link page.



1. Mauritius Philatelic Society Publications.
2. Postal History & Stamps by Peter Ibbotson.
3. The Postal History of Mauritius by Edward B Proud.
4. British Empire Civil Censorship Devices World War II - Colonies and Occupied Territories in Africa by J Little.
5. The B53 Obliterators of Mauritius by K Baker.

last updated  on 24 May 2014

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